Hydrophilic and Chitosan-Made

The ChitoClot Pad exerts a profoundly hemostatic activity in clinical use. The application of the ChitoClot Pad in interventions such as angiography or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) can significantly shorten hemostasis and restraint time, thus reduce the risk of complications. ChitoClot Pad is very different from other commercial products. It possesses the feature of gelation after absorbing blood and provides the ability of preventing exudation of absorbed blood.



  • Composition
  • Medical grade chitosan sponge
  • Structure
  • Sponge
  • Size (cm)
  • 2cm×3cm / 2cm×6cm / 3cmx3cm / 6cmx6cm
  • Absorption Rate
  • >30X
  • Application
  • Rapid control of arterial bleeding wounds caused by trauma, interventional radiology, catheterization labs,
    catheters hemodialysis therapy, etc
  • Certification
  • CE / TFDA / CFDA


Hemorrhage of radial artery – PTCA

  • Clean the surrounding of the catheter
  • Align AnsCare ChitoClot Pad center to the puncture site
  • Apply pressure to the puncture site while withdrawing the sheath completely
  • Continuously apply pressure to the puncture site for 3-4 minutes

Hemorrhage of femoral artery - PCI

  • Clean the surrounding of the catheter
  • Press “AnsCare ChitoClot Pad” with a thick gauze on the site and then remove the catheter
  • Apply heavy pressure on the site
  • Tightly bind the site up with elastic bandages and place a sand bag to maintain pressure on it