Xpore Technology

Truly Breathe

Truly Breathe

Nanopores to Truly Breathe

At the core of Xpore™ Technology is a layer of unique ultra-thin membrane with 10 billion nanopores in every square inch. The pores are 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, so they perfectly block the rain. But they are large enough for perspiration vapor and airflow to pass through. This is how Xpore™ Technology reaches true breathability and keeps things dry and comfortable as you achieve more.


- PFCs Free
- Solvent Free
- Hydrophobic Porous Membrane


Impeccable All-Around Performance


Xpore’s nanoporous membrane technology provides durable waterproofing, sturdy windproofing, and even bacteria and mite blocking. Xpore is lightweight, fast-drying, eco-friendly and non-toxic on top of its exceptional breathability. This technology strives to achieve impeccable all-around performance in a single product.

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