AirySektor Technology



Environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, Waterproof and Breathable Technology

AirySektor is the idealest waterproof, breathable technology available today. The core technology is a layer of ultra-light film "AirySektor membrane"

Eco-friendly and non-toxic (PFCs-free)

AirySektor membrane is PFCs-free and solvent-free in manufacturing


True breathability

10 billion nano-pores per square inch of the unique membrane enable waterproof feature and breathability


Applicable to a variety of fabrics

Man-made fibers, natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool, and etc.)

How AirySektor Technology Works

There are 10 billion nano-pores per square inch of AirySektor membrane with each pore tinier than a water droplet and larger than a water vapor molecule. That means no rain can penetrate it and allows perspiration to pass it right through. Products featuring AirySektor technology offer long-lasting waterproof ability, high breathability and high moisture permeability, while preventing the transfer of bacteria and mites.


Technical Advantage

It finds AirySektor is outstanding in terms of waterproof ability, breathability and moisture-permeability, and is superior to all the other waterproof membrane technologies.

AirySektor Comparison Chart